Investment Property

For long-term, steady income without management duties, high-quality commercial real estate investments are worthy of consideration. 

Across the country, major national companies and even the federal government lease offices, restaurant space, healthcare and other facilities in which to conduct their business. McDonald’s, Walgreens, Bank of America, Buffalo Wild Wings, Verizon, the U.S. Social Security Administration and other government agencies are just a few of the many recognizable names that lease properties. Exchanging some of your land sale proceeds into these and other commercial properties may provide you with:

  • Predictable monthly rental income from long-term leases (10 to 20 years or longer)
  • Dependable, financially stable tenants
  • Regular rent increases throughout the lease term
  • Passive ownership with no management responsibilities
  • Strong locations, which help ensure your tenant's success as well as the building's desirability to future tenants and buyers
  • New or newer buildings with little or no deferred maintenance
  • Tax shelter through depreciation expense
  • Potential appreciation in value over time, depending on market conditions and lease terms

Investing in Commercial Real Estate: Property Types

We specialize in two categories of real estate:  triple-net (also called NNN) properties, and properties leased to federal government tenants.  Each offers different attributes.  To learn which may better suit your situation and goals, please follow the links below.    

NNN Properties

An absolute triple-net (NNN) property is designed to be a passive investment, requiring no active management by you as the landlord.

Federal Real Estate 

Office buildings leased to the federal government are a unique investment offering a very strong tenant, as well as some unique risks.

**Finding Properties
To locate potential investment properties for you, we have developed a nationwide network of private developers and commercial brokers. This is to your distinct advantage, as it gives you access to off-market properties. As we search for suitable investment properties that may accomplish your goals, we typically review hundreds of potential properties in order to identify a handful that we believe may be best suited for you. In presenting these properties to you, we will highlight both the benefits and any risks that we see in the investment. We work hard to help you make informed decisions, and serve as your guide and advocate throughout this process.