Many of our clients have initially said, “I know ranching – but I don’t know anything about commercial real estate.” 

We understand.  Below are some resources to help you get up to speed. 

Educational Guides

We’ve created a library of educational Straight Talk guides providing in-depth information about topics you may be facing. Each article addresses a different aspect of selling a ranch, performing a 1031 exchange, or purchasing commercial real estate.

Client Summaries

To illustrate the process of transitioning from agricultural land to investment property, we’ve written brief summaries of individual clients’ journeys with us. These miniature case studies illustrate each client’s situation, their goals, how we helped them, the property(s) they purchased, and the outcome they achieved.


You undoubtedly have questions -- here are answers to those we hear most frequently. Of course, we’d be happy to answer in person, too – just give us a call.